Announcement 27-05-2021 : SMS Delivery

    2 years ago #14963

    With great concern, we received several complaints that there are clients who are not receiving sms from the system (zurilease). On troubleshooting with assistance from the network operators we learnt that:

    • the message was successfully pushed out from Zurilease to the Network operator
    • the recipient has not opted out of the message from that sender id
      the network operator successfully pushed the message to the recipient’s handset
    • however, the message is blocked from reaching the SIM card thus the recipient does not get the message nor a notification

    We tested by removing the SIM card from the handset of a recipient who reported this problem and we inserted the SIM card in a different handset and retried sending the message. The SMS was now received successfully.

    There are handsets with a setting that allows you to block messages from particular sender ids or from all alphanumeric sender ids. Also apps like truecaller have this feature.

    Kindly advise your clients who are not receiving sms to check and remove the settings/apps that are blocking your sender id. If thet are unable to find the setting/app, they should reset the phone.

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