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This is a tool used for information management and business intelligence.

It contains six tabs. (Sales & Marketing, Property, Tenants, Back Office, Accounting and System)
Each of the tabs has three sections:
Actions -: The action section shows the different operations that can be done on the tabs.
Reports-: This is where report documents related to the tab and its operations are viewed. It gives summary of different aspects of the possible
Search-:This is basically a search area where you can easily search an item.

  • Sales and Marketing(S/M)

This is where the you the data for prospective clients(property owners, landlords) are stored and all related operations related to it are done.
Also the property listings and sales are updated here.

  • Properties

This section include all operations involving landlords and their properties. The operations include, Adding a landlord, creating a property, sending bulk sms

  • Tenants
  • Back office
  • Accounting
  • System



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