Vacating Tenants

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The reason for this update is to add more permissions to give admins more control over the operations in the system.The permission for vacating a tenant has been broken down into:

Create notice to vacate,create quit notice,confirm tenant vacate notices andvacate without notice

therefore it is important for the admin to distinguish what level of access each user should have in the system when it comes to vacating a tenant.

  1. Login to the system.
  2. On the Dashboard navigate and click on the system tab.
  3. Once the tab is open head to the setup docket where you will see system users and click.
  4.  on display is the User Accounts , search for the user you wish to grant permission navigate to the red highlighted name and click.
  5. Next is the credentials page where all system permissions or rights are displayed(click  the tenant tab) you’ll see the newly updated features , on the left side of the screen are the user details,Depending on the job designation  select the permissions that suit the user.
  6. Save the changes and ensure the user logs-out for changes to take effect.

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